My Story

I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and have been a member of the helping field for 15 years. My career began in child welfare where I worked as an investigator for child protective services.  I then transitioned into medical social work and finally arrived in the area of mental health where my passion has continued to grow since 2011.  I currently serve Veterans with a wide range of mental health and psychosocial needs. As a USAF Veteran myself, I feel fortunate to be able to serve my fellow brothers and sisters in the armed forces. My clinical experience has taken me on many adventures and allowed me to serve individuals in multiple settings including individual, groups, couples and family therapy.  

I also serve as adjunct faculty for a major university in the college of social sciences and, have done so for 12 years.  I appreciate the opportunity to inspire, nurture and encourage students as they develop their natural abilities and special interests as future helpers.

I am mother to a wonderful young adult as well as a loving rescue “furbaby”.  In my free time I enjoy working out, traveling, reading, watching cooking shows but never actually cooking and discovering more of my own potential through healthy self work and intentional learning.  

You Can Begin Again



At the heart of my practice is the belief that “healed” is not necessarily a destination, but rather the ongoing process of healing and moving forward while still living a life full of worthiness and meaning.  Everything you need to thrive in this life is already in you. Through life’s circumstances we can lose sight of this reality and, can benefit from the use of a guide towards a season of renewal.   You may feel as though you are losing everything BUT, remember that a tree loses its leaves every year and yet it still stands tall and waits for better days to come.  If you will choose vulnerability and look Beyond Your Now, you will discover, healing from the past, hope for your future, and health in the seasons to come. I welcome the opportunity to be a part of your personal journey of discovery. I bring my entire self into session...we are simply two individuals working together to develop meaning and connect.